LEITZ Summilux-M3 1,4/35mm black

Offered is a Summilux 35mm in M3 version with black-painted viewfinder attachment from the year 1970.
The condition is very good and the lens is one of the few versions with the so-called "infinity lock"

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No. : 2391423 Condition : B with "infinity lock"

UVP: 8.550,00 


The Summilux 1.4/35mm was available since its launch in 1960 both without and with viewfinder attachment for the Leica M3.
Over the long production period, there have been some small changes to this type of lens, which results in a handful of different versions.

Total production: first type only approx. 1.120 units in M3 version! The number of 35er Summilux-M lenses with "infinity-lock" is unknown!

Rarity: R7

Rariyt forecast: R8