LEICA TL titanium

Colour variant of the Leica TL (Type 8854) in mint condition and original boxed.

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No. : 5162704 Condition : A Original boxed

UVP: 715,50 


The Leica TL, introduced in 2016, followed the Leica T and is the second generation of the TL system. As with its predecessor, the camera body is made of aluminium, the sensor has an APS-C format and not only the corresponding TL lenses can be used, but also Leica M lenses and Leica R lenses via an adapter.
The resolution is 16.5 megapixels, which seems low by today’s standards, but is more than compensated for by the very fine colour reproduction and nuances.

Unlike the Leica T, the Leica TL was not only offered in silver or black, but also with a titanium-plated body.
This version is relatively rare and is correspondingly rarely offered on the second-hand market.

Offered is a Leica TL in titanium-plated finish in almost mint condition. The camera will be delivered including original box.

Total production: not known exactly

Rarity: R4

Rarity forecast: R$