LEICA Wireless Charging Handgrip HG-DC1

Wireless Charging function – the battery can be charged directly in the camera Note: This requires a QI-compatible Wireless Charging Pad e.g., 188-99

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The HG-DC1 Handgrip features the same leather as the Leica Q3 and ensures handling of your camera. The use of this handgrip enables wireless charging function for the Leica Q3. When used in combination with the Drop XL Wireless Charger Native Union made for Leica Camera (188-99), you can easily keep your Leica Q3 charged for use at all times.

  • Enables wireless charging for the Leica Q3
  • Enjoy a perfect fit with the Leica Q3 camera
  • Securely grip and control the camera with one hand using the handgrip
  • Use optional finger loops, which are compatible with the handgrip