LEICAFLEX SL “Olympia 1972”

Leicaflex SL "Olympia 1972" in very good to mint condition!
There are only slightest signs of use on the camera body visible.

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No. : 1372719 Condition : A-B limited edition model



To commemorate the Olympic Games 1972 in Munich Leica issued a limited edition model of the Leicaflex SL. The camera is engraved on the top plate with the olympic rings and the year 72 as well as with a limited edition number. There were only 1.000 cameras made in this configuration!
There are sources that quote that Leitz made an additional 200 cameras which were engraved just with the olympic rings and the year 72 on the top plate.

A very hard to find collector's item and due to the low production a rare item which is still really affordable.

Total production: 1.000 units with limited edition number, further 200 units without limited edition number

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8