LEITZ dual-range Summicron-M 2,0/50mm chrome

Special version of the classic Summicron-M 2.0/50mm of the 1950s with a closest focusing distance of 48cm.
The offered dual-range Summicron 50mm comes from 1960, is in very good condition and will be delivered including lens hood.

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No. : 1786182 Condition : BB Serviced in 12/2022

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The so-called dual-range Summicron 50mm was first introduced in 1956 by Leica and manufactured until 1968. It was very popular because it had a close focusing distance of only 48cm which was obtained with the removable viewfinder attachment and a specially made focusing mount. The standard version of this lens can only be focused to one meter.
The dual-range Summicron was only offered as a special version of the second optical computation of the Summicron 50mm. All following versions had as close focusing limit only 70cm.

Total production dual-range M 2/50: approx. 55.145 units

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R6