LEITZ Elmar-M 3,5/5cm

Today we have a classic of the Leica system. A Leitz Elmar-M 3.5/5cm from 1954 including lens hood in unchanged original condition. For many, the Elmar is the epitome of a small yet high-performance universal lens. Our lens is technically and cosmetically in very good to mint condition.
Only the glasses show a slight haze due to age.

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No. : 1185785 Condition : A-B Unchanged original condition!

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The Elmar 3.5/5cm lens is one of the first Leica lenses and was used from 1926 in the Leica I (Model A). From 1930 the lens was offered with interchangeable mount and was matched to the corresponding Leica I camera body. In the following year the srew mount thread was standardized and starting from 1932 the Elmar 3.5/5cm was then also coupled with the rangefinder of the camera.
In the further production of the lens, various changes were made, for example, on the aperture scale, the finish of the lens barrel and the last two versions from 1951 had a changed optical design. The Elmar 3,5/5cm manufactured from 1926 to 1959 and due to the high optical performance early acquired the reputation of being THE standard lens for the Leica.
And nowadays, the Elmar 3.5/5cm is regarded as the classic Leica lens, which has contributed considerably to the success of the Leica camera models.

The version with Leica M bayonet was built from 1954 and was available until 1961.
The lens is based on the last optical formular which was still introduced as a screw thread lens in the year 1951.

Total production: approx. 13.198 units with M-mount

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5