LEITZ Elmar M39 4,0/135mm chrome

The last classic Elmar 135mm lens, which is not yet a telephoto design and therefore has its own imaging characteristics at close range.
Even by today’s standards, the Elmar is characterised by very good to excellent imaging performance.

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No. : 1908522 Condition : A-B Unchanged original condition!

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The Elmar 4.0/135mm built from 1960 to 1965 is the successor to the Hektor 4.5/135mm and achieves a noticeable increase in optical performance through the use of glasses containing lanthanum.
Like the previous lens, the Elmar 4.0/135mm is a long focal lenght design and not a telephoto construction. In general, long focal lenght lenses are said to have a higher imaging performance in the close-up range.
The imaging performance is very good even by today's standards, both on analog and digital cameras.

The lens was built with only minor changes in detail during the production period. It was available with both screw thread mount and M bayonet and the lens head could be ordered individually.
Only about 3,282 pieces of the version with screw thread mount were produced!

The offered Elmar M39 4.0/135mm lens dates back to 1961 and is in very good to mint condition.

Total production: only approx. 3.282 units with screw thread mount

Rarity: R5!

Rarity forecast: R6