LEITZ Elmarit M39 2,8/90mm

The Elmarit M39 2.8/90mm on offer comes from 1959 and is in very good condition.
The opportunity to buy one of these now very rare lenses should not be missed!

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No. : 1683135 Condition : B-C

UVP: 990,00 


Built from 1959 to 1974, the Elmarit 2.8/90mm was Leica’s first faster 90mm lens and, through the use of lanthanum-containing glass, achieved a noticeable increase in performance over the Elmar 4.0/90mm produced until then.
The Elmarit 2.8/90mm is a normal computated long focal length lens and not a telephoto design. In general, classically designed lenses are said to have a higher imaging performance in the close-up range compared to telephoto constructions.
The imaging performance is very good even by today’s standards, both on analogue and digital cameras.

The lens was built with only minor detail changes during the production period. It was available with both screw thread mount and M bayonet mount and the lens head could be ordered separately.
Only about 2,067 of the version with screw thread mount were produced!

Total production: approx. 2.067 pieces with M39

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6