LEITZ Hektor-M39 6,3/2,8cm silver chrome

The offered Hektor 6,3/2,8cm was made in 1937 and is in very good condition, according to age. The focus is smooth and backlash-free, as does the aperture setting.
The glasses are slightly hazy, but otherwise also in very good condition.

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No. : 357825 Condition : B

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The Hektor 6.3/2.8cm lens was introduced by Leitz/Leica in 1935. It was the first wide angle lens for the Leica screw mount cameras that offered a larger angle of view than the Elmar 3.5cm and was used at the time for architectural, industrial and landscape photography.
Only a few of these lenses were produced with a nickel-plated surface in the first series in 1935 and the conversion to the silver-chrome version had already taken place within the first production lot. Further changes during the construction period include the conversion from German to international aperture scale and the placement of the serial number.
This was usually engraved on the back of the lens and only on very late lenses is the serial number located on the front.
There were different viewfinders available for the Hektor 6.3/2.8cm lens, for example the SUUOQ folding finder or the TUVOO attachment for the VIOOH universal viewfinder.

Total production: approx. 9.700 units

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6