LEITZ LEICAFLEX SL2 black chrome “Jesse Owens”

Late black chrome Leicaflex SL2 from 1975 in a really unique design!
According to our research, the camera was commissioned or built by a former Leica employee as a one-off with the Jesse Owens engraving, which was only available on the Leica R4 “Jesse Owens” Limited edition.
Condition is very good to mint.

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No. : 1440109 Condition : A-B One of a kind!



The Leicaflex SL2 was produced from 1974 to 1976 and is the last of the three classic Leicaflex models.
The camera is a further development of the Leicaflex SL and, in addition to the revised exposure meter with increased sensitivity, also has a completely redesigned mirror housing. This step made it possible to use some lenses that were newly introduced at the same time, e.g. the Elmarit-R 2.8/24mm and the Fisheye-Elmarit-R 2.8/16mm.
In addition, the shutter construction was revised and the design used in the SL2 was the most elaborate of all three Leicaflex cameras. This contributed significantly to the very high production costs but also to the outstanding quality of the camera.
Leica photographers keep hearing the anecdote that the SL2 had been so expensive to produce that Leitz would have had to sell one and a half Summicron-R 2/50mm lenses in addition to the camera body to cover the production costs.

The reputation as the most rugged and reliable mechanical SLR is in our opinion absolutely justified and can be felt immediately when you pick up a Leicaflex SL2.

The Leicaflex SL2 was regularly available in both black and silver chromed surfaces.
From 1975, like its predecessor, a version for use with a motor drive was also available. The SL2 Mot was only available in black chrome and only about 1,020 pieces were produced.

Total production: single copy

Rarity: R9

Rarity forecast: R9