LEITZ Summaron-M 3,5/3,5cm 1. version

First version of the Summaron-M 3.5/35mm from 1955 in very good original condition. The elements show are related slightly haze.
These early lenses do not activate the viewfinder frame for 35mm and have become very rare nowadays!
Virtually impossible to find in this beautiful condition!

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No. : 1257104 Condition : B Very rare 1. version for Leica M3!

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The Summaron-M 3,5/3,5cm was built from 1954 onwards in a version with M-bayonet mount for the newly released Leica M3. This first version activates the frame lines of the 50mm lens in the viewfinder of the camera when it is attached to a Leica M3 camera body and was intended to be used with an attachable 3.5cm viewfinder. From this early first type, relatively few lenses have been built and these specimens have become very rare nowadays.
The optical design of the Summaron-M 3.5/3.5cm is identical to the lens produced since 1948 with screw mount connection. The lens barrel used in the version for the Leica M series is also almost identical to the late version of the Summaron 3.5/3.5cm with screw mount connection.

Total production: approx. 39.234 units, of these at most 11.065 units of the first version

Rarity: R7

rarity forecast: R7