LEITZ Summaron-M39 2,8/35mm

The offered screw-mount Summaron 2,8/35mm in very good condition, comes from the year 1960 and has been serviced in November 2022
A beautiful lens with, even according to today's standards, excellent image quality.

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No. : 1810687 Condition : BB Serviced in 11/2022



The Summaron 2,8/35mm was introduced 1958 as successor model to the version with full aparture 1:3,5. The optical design is identical, but the initial opening could be increased from 3.5 to 2.8 by using lenses of lanthanum glas. The color correction of the Summaron 2,8/35mm surpasses the already very good performance of its predecessor.
From the beginning of the production in 1958 the lens was produced both for the screw mount cameras as well as with M-bayonet connection for Leicas M-series. Two models were available for the M cameras; one specifically for the Leica M3 with viewfinder attachment and one version without the so-called googles for the Leica M2 and all following models.
The so-called post-cameras, Leica models of the M-series build on special request for e.g. the German Federal Post and also for the Swedish Post, were equipped with a special version of the Summaron-M 2,8/35mm. This type is fixed in the respective camera (mostly a Leica MD or MDa camera body) and very rare.

Total production: approx. 5.289 units with screw mount

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7