LEITZ Summicron-M 2,0/35mm type 3

Typical version of the Summicron-M 2.0/35mm type 3 with protruding aparture lever from the year 1970.
The lens is in very good condition and will be delivered including lens hood 12504 and UVa filter.

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No. : 2447173 Condition : AA-BB Recently serviced



Originally introduced in 1958, Summicron 2.0 / 35mm has become one of the cornerstones in the lens system of Leica M cameras over the years.
Supplied in four different optical constructions until 1993 and only then replaced by a new version with aspherical lenses, this lens is the preferred tool of many professional and amateur photographers. The differences between the individual types, except for the current implementation of this system, are very small.

The third type of Summicron 35mm was introduced about 1970 and apparently differs only by a revised version of the lens from the previous version. A change in the optical system was not published by Leitz / Leica.
Within this version, there is a peculiarity that is very rare and often overlooked:
Very early type 3 Summicron are equipped with a protruding lever as usual with the type 2, but have no filter thread! Leitz / Leica started from the use of serial filters in the anti-glare screen supplied to the lens (order number 12504).
Apparently only the first and at most the second production lot of the type 3 version was produced this way.

Total production: approx. 18,400 pieces in the third version

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6