LEITZ Summicron-M 2,0/50mm “1913-1983”

Near mint Summicron-M 2/50mm as limited commemorative model in original box with matching numbers.

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No. : 3261654 Condition : A-B Original boxed



The limited anniversary or commemorative version of the Summicron-M 2.0/50mm was introduced by Leica in 1983 together with the special model M4-P “1913-1983” and several other lenses with anniversary engraving and Leicameter MR-4 exposure meter and ever-ready case.

Technically, the Summicron-M 2.0/50mm is based on the regular series version of the 1980s and only the special engraving on the barrel distinguishes it from a normal lens.
A total of approx. 3,750 pieces were produced as a limited edition “1913-1983”!
The Summicron 50mm was available both individually and as a set with the Leica M4-P “1913-1983”, Winder M4-P “1913-1983” and Leicameter MR-4 without special engraving.

Total production: approx. 3.750 units

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8