LEITZ Super-Angulon-M 4,0/21mm

The first super wide-angle lens for the Leica and a true classic, the Super-Angulon-M 4.0/21mm from the year 1959.
The cosmetic and technical condition is very good to mint.
The lens comes from the last production batch and is an absolute rarity in the condition offered here!

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No. : 1714909 Condition : A-B From the last batch!

UVP: 1.795,00 


The Leitz Super-Angulon 4,0/21mm, introduced in 1958, is based on an optical computation by Schneider-Kreuznach.
The symmetrical construction of the lens promised a very good imaging performance for the time, and even today, a well-preserved lens provides high image quality.
Officially listed from 1958 to 1963, either with screw mount or M mount, it appears that the Super-Angulon was manufactured however only in the years 1958 and 1959 and afterwards sold from stock.
A comprehensible step, because it was a lens with a high purchase price and a very small application field.

The Super-Angulon 21mm was mainly used in advertising, architectural and technical phototography, and also promoted for this use by Leica.

Total production: approx. 5.292 units with Leica M mount

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6