LEITZ Telyt-S 6,3/800mm

The rarest Leica R lens which was only available on order!

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No. : 2500811 Condition : B Unchanged original condition!



The Leitz Telyt-S 6.3/800mm was originally developed for use during the 1972 Olympic Games and was generally available from 1973.
The lens was only delivered on special order and according to today’s knowledge there was only one production lot with only 225 lenses produced!

The optical design consists of three cemented single elements (an achromat) made of special glass and the lens is said to have an optical performance equal to a modern apochromatically corrected lens.
Although the construction is optically relatively simple, it is by no means lacking in refinement, and the mechanical design clearly shows that we are dealing with an absolute high-end lens.

The Telyt-S 6.3/800mm is characterised by a very high sharpness performance and high contrast transmission as well as by its very fine colour reproduction.
Besides the usual fields of application in sports, wildlife and nature photography, the lens was obviously also used for surveillance purposes.

At the time, the lens was delivered in an aluminium case specially designed for the Tely-S 6.3/800mm, in which the lens (disassembled into four parts) and a camera body can be transported.

The Tely-S 6.3/800mm on offer is in very good condition and comes with an aluminium case.

Total production: only 225 units!

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R9