SIGMA 14mm F1,8 DG HSM | Art – L-Mount

The SIGMA 1,8/14mm DG is a super wide angle lens. Thanks to its close focus limit of 27cm you can create impressive close-ups. Due to the angle of view and the f1.8 lens speed it is ideal suited for landscape and architectural photography as well as for taking pictures of the starry sky.

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This lens opens up unimagined creative perspectives for the photographer. With its 14mm focal length for a particularly large angle of view and an aperture of f1.8, the SIGMA 14mm F1.8 DG HSM Art is the wide-angle lens that many photographers have been waiting for for a long time. The extreme angle of view and the close focus limit of 27cm allow close-ups with the main subject present in the foreground and an impressively extensive background. On the other hand, the extraordinary f1.8 aperture enables a high-resolution main subject with a background bokeh at its best. Its angle of view and its f1.8 aperture are also the reason why this 14mm lens is ideal for taking pictures of the starry sky and other nocturnal sky scenes in addition to landscape and architectural photography. The light intensity offers the necessary potential to capture as much light as possible with short shutter speeds.

L-Mount, Full-frame

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