SIGMA 35mm F1,4 DG HSM | Art – L-Mount – DEMO

The SIGMA 1.4/35mm DG is an extremely popular wide-angle fixed focal lens. The lens is not only ideal for the studio use, but offers just as much expressiveness for architectural shots, starry skies and any other scenes. An HSM motor ensures fast and noiseless focusing. Perfect for any LEICA SL, SL2 and SL-S.

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The 35mm model of the SIGMA Art product line impresses with its versatility. With its uncompromisingly high optical performance, the 35mm wide-angle lens will delight professional and ambitious amateur photographers alike. When the aperture is closed, for example, it creates the depth of a wide-angle lens, while when the aperture is opened to f1.4 it gives the background a nice bokeh effect and lets the subject stand out, like a medium-focal length telephoto lens. Another special advantage is its versatility for artistic purposes. The lens is not only ideal for studio photography, but also offers a lot of expressiveness for architectural photos, starry skies and other scenes. The Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) ensures fast and noiseless focusing, which can be intervened manually at any time.

L-Mount, Full-frame

Demonstration model from our showcase!

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