SIGMA 56mm F1,4 DC DN | Contemporary – L-Mount

The SIGMA 1.4/56mm DC DN is a high speed portrait lens with 85mm (equivalent full frame). It is compact, light and yet offers exceptional image quality. It’s perfectly suited for portraits, available light, landscape shots or playing with depth of field. The perfect companion for any LEICA T/TL/TL2 and CL.

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Like the other lenses in the "Contemporary" product line, this lens is compact, lightweight and yet offers exceptional image quality. Thanks to the groundbreaking technologies from SIGMA, this lens offers exactly the bokeh level and excellent light intensity that can be expected from f1.4 lenses in the telephoto range. SIGMA lenses with the designation "DC" are high-performance lenses that have been specially developed for digital cameras. Lenses labeled "DN" offer optimal performance in conjunction with cameras with a short flange. In the case of LEICA CL/TL cameras with APS-C sensors, the focal length corresponds to a light 85mm telephoto lens.

L-Mount, APS-C-Format

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