SIGMA 65mm F2,0 DG DN | Contemporary – L-Mount

The SIGMA 2.0/65mm DG DN is high speed, light telephoto with a sensational image quality. It impresses with its craftmanship, small size and a real aperture ring. With this lens you can capture fine details with a wonderfully soft bokeh at fully open aperture. A perfect companion for any LEICA SL, SL2 or SL-S.

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The 65mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary brings the highest optical performance to light with a compact lens body that is perfectly designed for mirrorless systems. A 65mm lens has been used by photo enthusiasts for a long time and is also often used for filming. With its 65mm it delivers a slightly more compressed image than standard lenses and opens up a multitude of creative approaches for your photography. This ultra sharp 65mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary can capture fine details exceptionally, even with the aperture fully open, and produces wonderfully soft bokeh. Mirrorless cameras have the advantage that they can be kept small and compact. These 65mm optics are perfectly matched to these compact systems without having to accept performance impairments. The combination of excellent optical quality and exceptional portability, which was previously not available in this form with DSLR systems, offers current and future generations of photographers new possibilities.

L-Mount, Full-frame


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