SIGMA 85mm F1,4 DG DN | Art – L-Mount

The SIGMA 1.4/85mm DG DN is a compact portrait telephoto. It delivers sensational image quality and wonderfully bokeh. Despite its small size this compact lens has extensive functions such as a real aperture ring, aperture ring lock switch, focus mode switch and an AFL button.

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The lens, which was specifically designed for mirrorless system cameras, weighs only 630g, half as much as the current SIGMA 85mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art. By using the camera's internal correction functions for vignetting and distortion, the designers were able to concentrate on the corrections that can only be eliminated by the optical system. So the lens could be made extremely small and has a length of only 94mm, with a filter diameter of 77mm. Despite its small size, the compact lens has extensive functions such as an aperture ring lock switch. This prevents unintentional adjustment of the aperture during the recording. The focus mode switch on the lens housing and the AFL button also provide support when taking pictures.

L-Mount, Full-frame

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