LEITZ Summaron-M 2,8/35mm silver chrome

Summaron-M 2,8/35mm from 1965. The lens is in very good condition and will be delivered including lens hood, UVa filter and original box (no matching numbers).

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The Summaron-M 2.8/35mm built from 1958 to 1968 was a further development of its predecessor, the Summaron-M 3.5/3.5cm. The use of elements made of lanthanum glass improved the color reproduction as well as the initial opening. The lens was available in the standard version for M bayonet connection until 1970, in the special version for the Leica M3 even until 1973.
From the very beginning, the Summaron 2.8/35mm was produced both as a screw mount lens and as an M mount lens. Early M-lenses are built on the screw-mount chassis and equipped with an M-bayonet adapter at the factory.

The image quality of the Summaron-M 2,8/35mm is so good that it can more than assert itself in addition to the Summicron-M 2.0/35mm, which is produced at the same time, with an elaborate optical design consisting of eight lenses. Especially the finely nuanced color reproduction of the lens is absolutely comparable with that of the eight-lens Summicron-M 2.0/35mm and excellent, even measured on today’s modern standards.
According to some users and authors, the Summaron-M 2,8/35mm was even somewhat superior to the Summicron-M 2.0/35mm in some areas.
The fact that in the last few years less and less lenses of this type are offered and not only users but also collectors are looking out for a copy of the Summaron-M 2,8/35mm underpins this assumption.

Total production: approx. 20.308 units

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