Voigtländer 2,0/28mm Ultron Typ I VM ASPH.

The VOIGTLÄNDER 2.0/28mm ULTRON Type I VM is a fixed wide-angle lens with M-Mount in vintage style. It offers a wide range of possible applications and provides image results with a strong character, even in difficult lighting situations. The design and focus lever appeal to fans of lenses with a classic look.

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No. : 111405

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Voigtländer has revised the Ultron 2.0/28mm lens and brought it into a more compact and also lighter shape. It's available in two design options, "Type I" and "Type II". "Type I" shines in chrome and matt black and features a small focusing lever, which will especially appeal to fans of a very classic look. "Type II" is monochrome (silver or black) and has a pronounced grip for quick and intuitive focusing. The optical design is identical and consist 10 lens elements in 7 groups, one of which has an aspherical element. The sharpness has been improved compared to its predecessor, and it has also been adapted to the requirements of modern image sensor technologies. The Ultron 2.0/28mm offers a wide range of possible uses and delivers image results with a strong character, even in difficult lighting conditions. The 10 aperture blades ensure an extremely appealing and smooth bokeh. With a weight of 190g (Type I) or 230g (Type II), the Ultron 2.0/28mm is always a pleasant companion while you're chasing the special moment.

Approximatley available from May 2021. Pre-order by eMail now!

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