Voigtländer 2,0/35mm Ultron II ASPH. VM silver

The VOIGTLÄNDER 2.0/35mm ULTRON II VM is a compact aspherical wide-angle lens in vintage style. It offers a wide range of possible applications and provides image results with a strong character, even in difficult lighting situations. It’s equipped with a new grip for fast manual focussing.

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No. : BA351B

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Compact aspherical wide-angle lens in vintage style! – This classically designed lens is reminiscent of historical masterpieces. In contrast to these classics, it's however also designed for the requirements of modern digital cameras. Of course is also delivers magnificent results with analog rangefinder cameras.

The new VOIGTLÄNDER Ultron 35mm/2.0 aspherical Type II shares the same optical design as Type I, but in a new black or silver finish. The special feature of this lens is the new focusing grip, which enables faster and more comfortable focussing.

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