Voigtländer 3,5/21mm Color Skopar I ASPH. VM

The VOIGTLÄNDER 3.5/21mm COLOR SKOPAR VM is a compact, super wide-angle lens with a close-focus limit of 50cm and M-Mount. It was calculated for modern digital cameras but also delivers magnificent results with analog rangefinder models. The classic design ensures a unique vintage look.

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No. : 105061

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Voigtländer VM lenses are designed for 'full-frame' and can be used on all rangefinder cameras with LEICA M mount. The Voigtländer 3,5/21mm Color Skopar asph. VM with its 'vintage look' combines a classic design with the know-how of the most advanced technologies available in lens production. Despite the small size, the lens can be operated with ease and intuitively, thanks to its high-precision built. With a small lever on the focus ring the distance can be adjusted quickly, ideal for snapshots! The full-metall body holds nine lens elements in eight groups, delivering impressive image quality down to the closest focusing distance of 50cm. Ten aperture blades control the light entering the lens. Yet, we managed to keep the lens lightweight at just 180g. More or less a 'must-have' is the aluminium lens hood LH11, which emphasizes the vintage look of the Color Skopar 21mm F3.5 aspherical VM even more.

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