Voigtländer 3,5/50mm Heliar asph. VM

The VOIGTLÄNDER 3.5/50mm HELIAR VM is a compact and very universal normal lens with M-Mount in a vintage design. It is reminiscent of the appearance of famous classics from the 19th century but was designed according to the latest technics. The 10 aperture blades ensure a very soft bokeh.

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No. : 19491

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Voigtländer VM lenses are designed for 'full-frame' and can be used on all rangefinder cameras with LEICA M mount. The 50mm-Heliar with its black and silver vintage design is reminiscent of famous Voigtländer classics from the 19th century (Heriataipu), but is designed and built with the latest knowledge of lens manufacturing. This normal lens consists of 5 lenses in 5 groups and has a minimum focusing distance of 70cm. With its 10 aperture blades, the Heliar 3.5/50mm delivers an exceptionally smooth bokeh.

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