Voigtländer 4,0/21mm Color Skopar P-Type VM

The VOIGTLÄNDER 4.0/21mm COLOR SKOPAR VM is an ultra-flat “pancake” lens with fixed focal length, M-Mount and top image quality. It weighs just 136g and is an incredible 25mm short. It offers optimal performance when photographing different subjects, whether these are landscapes or reportage.

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No. : 19410

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Voigtländer VM lenses are designed for 'full-frame' and can be used on all rangefinder cameras with LEICA M mount. So-called pancake lenses are particularly popular with photographers using rangefinder and system cameras. These flat prime lenses deliver excellent image quality, despite their compact appearance. This is also true for the Voigtländer 4,0/21mm Color Skopar VM. The lens weights just 136g, is a mere 25.4mm long, and has a 39mm filter thread, making this fine little lens exceptionally easy to carry.

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