Voigtländer Nokton 1,4/40mm M.C. VM

The VOIGTLÄNDER 1.4/40mm ULTRON M.C. VM is a high speed compact universal lens with multi-layer coating and excellent imaging performance. Thanks to the 10 aperture blades in combination with the high speed it archives a harmonious bokeh. It is therefore ideal for portraits oder Street-Photography.

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No. : 19419

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Voigtländer VM lenses are designed for 'full-frame' and can be used on all rangefinder cameras with LEICA M mount. The Nokton is therefore also ideal for portrait photographers and remains compact (overall length 29.7mm) and light (175g). Thanks to the lavishly crafted aperture with 10 louvres, in combination with the high light intensity, a visually harmonious bokeh succeeds. The powerful universal lens with outstanding imaging performance in classic design is offered with two types of coating: multi-coating for neutral color rendering and single coating for classical tones. You can choose the lens coating to suit your taste.

The Voigtländer Nokton 1,4/40mm S.C. VM is available on request!

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