Voigtländer 1,5/35mm Nokton Type I VM ASPH. black

The VOIGTLÄNDER NOKTON 1.5/35mm combines small size, high speed and excellent optical performance. It is a compact reportage lens with LEICA M mount. At open aperture it spoils with a great bokeh. It is particularly suitable for street and reportage photography.

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35mm is a popular choice and the standard focal length on rangefinder cameras. VOIGTLÄNDER currently offers five lenses of this focal length. Each of these lenses has its own unique, special characteristics. The new 1.5/35mm VM is the result of the search for a new standard lens that combines the best of these characteristics. Common to all types is the optical system with 6 groups and 9 elements, two double-sided aspherical lenses vouch for high optical performance at all apertures. The minimum focusing distance is 50cm and therefore offers significantly more reserves at close range than the 70cm offered by the optical viewfinder. It is available in two versions: Type I, made of aluminum and available exclusively in black. The weight is only 188g with an overall length of only 36mm. Type II, on the other hand, is made of solid brass with the same overall length, weighs 284g and is available with a black painted or silver finish. Both types can be easily adapted to almost all mirrorless system cameras by means of an adapter. The optional lens hoods LH-4N with and LH-12 in classic style are compatible for both lenses.

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