Voigtländer 1,5/75mm Nokton ASPH. VM silver

The VOIGTLÄNDER 1.5/75mm NOKTON VM is a fast telephoto lens with an M-Mount. Thanks to the lens speed of f1.5 it can create expressive images with an extremely smooth background. It’s perfectly suited for portrait photography. A matching lens hood is included in the delivery.

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Voigtländer VM lenses are designed for ‘full-frame’ and can be used on all rangefinder cameras with LEICA M mount. The Voigtländer 1,5/75mm Nokton VM replaces the popular 1,8/75mm Heliar Classic VM as dedicated portrait lens. Compared to its predecessor, the lens is more compact, despite a more sophisticated construction and even faster lens speed. A total of seven lens elements in six groups, together with 12 aperture blades, deliver image performance that meets the highest demands. Due to the tele focal length of 75mm, combined with a large maximum aperture of f1.5, the photographer can create strong images with smooth out of focus background rendering, ideal for truly “outstanding” portraits. Also in object photography one can use the lens` ability to effectively isolate objects from the background, and experiment with depth-of-field and bokeh. In whichever photographic application, the lens is a joy to use, due its high craftsmanship and quality, and ultimately the images it can produce. The Voigtländer 1,5/75mm Nokton VM has been designed for rangefinder cameras, with high-precision rangefinder coupling. The lens gem is available in black and silver finish and will be delivered with a reversable lens hood in matching color.

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