Voigtländer 2,8/90mm APO-Skopar VM black

The VOIGTLÄNDER APO-Skopar 2.8/90mm VM is a fast telephoto lens with M mount and outstanding imaging performance. It delivers highest resolution and best colour correction. Thanks to its f2.8 Aperture, expressive images with softly blending backgrounds can be created, ideal for portraits, among other things.

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Voigtländer has expanded its range with the newly developed APO-Skopar 2.8/90mm VM. The compact lens in the medium telephoto range features glass with abnormal partial dispersion in five of the seven elements, thus achieving an exceptionally high sharpness performance and the images appear rich and three-dimensional. Its compact size, just 60mm long and weighing only 250g, means it does not protrude into the viewfinder frame when used on a rangefinder camera. The shortest shooting distance is 0.9m (depending on the camera used), which is a very good value for a 90mm lens. A lens hood, which can also be attached to the lens upside down when not in use, is included in the scoop of delivery.

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