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We either purchase in cash or we credit your equipment with your new purchase. In the second case you will generate a higher price, since we welcome your countertrade!

We offer free evaluations of your equipment or collection.

Please transmit your itemization via eMail to hamburg@meister-camera.com. For larger equipment, collections or inheritances we also offer on-site inspections.

Image Upload
Please upload your images via eMail to hamburg@meister-camera.com or click at the button below:

Condition Rating

A+ – New
New and unused including full manufacturer’s warranty.
A – Like New
In mint condition but unwrapped and used. Without any signs for usage.
B – Slight signs of use
Very good and maintained condition with slight external traces of usage. Spotless sensor free of  scratches. Glassy optics. No inclusions, no wiping marks.
C – Average signs of use
Apparent good condition with only normal, age-related signs of usage. Clean sensor, no scratches. Clear optics, possibly light dust inclusions or age-related mist.
D – Well used with obvious signs of heavy wear
Visible signs of use on body or lens barrel. Fully functional. Possible minor wiping marks. Objective lenses show dust inclusions, wiping marks or  opacities.

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For direct inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +49-(0)40-467 777 55

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