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LEICA II c with Leicavit SYOOM


The offered Leica IIc with the serial number 463201 was produced in the year 1948-1951. It has a body cover which is typical for these years and which, due to its structure, is referred to as sharkskin. Cameras with sharkskin bodycover are nowadays comparatively rare.

The Leicavit rapid winder with telegram code SYOOM was introduced in 1951 for use with Leica screw-mount cameras. It is the predecessor of the Leicavit MP which was used beginning in 1956 on the legendary first Leica MP.

The Leicavit rapid winder can be used on all Leica screw-mount cameras with serial number above 400 000 without modification. Earlier models need a conversion of the main transport shaft and a bigger coupling pin on the outside of the camera body.
The first version of the Leicavit has a switch at the base plate which changes between single and series frame rate. Due to the fact that this system was prone to failure it has been discontinued in 1953.
The folllowing model from 1953 onwards has no switch and was in production until 1963.

Total production: approx. 10.999 camera bodies, quantity of the Leicavit rapid winder not known

Rarity: R6 for the Leicavit

Rarity forecast: R7 for the Leicavit


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