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LEICA II (model D) black paint


The Leitz company offered its customers from about 1930 the conversion of an existing Leica to the latest technical level, which often led to the fact that early Leica I models were converted into a Leica II or Leica III, for example. Through these conversions, many early cameras have lost their historical significance for the collector.
However, the increased usefulness of a factory-equipped Leica was appreciated by many photographers who viewed their Leica as a tool.

Early factory conversions are a popular specialty for some collectors, as they show how much Leitz was concerned about the desires of the customers and how Leica's technical conception and development capability was original.

Offered is a Leica III conversion based on a Leica II from the year of 1932. The factory conversion was probably done in the 1930s by Leitz.
The camera is equipped with a nickel-plated Elmar 3.5/50mm lens with the rare "bell push" (also pin release type) release for infinity setting.
The condition of the combination is good to very good both technically and cosmetically.

Total production: the number of factory conversions is not recorded

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5

factory conversion

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