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LEICA III syn with rapid winder SCNOO


The Leitz company has been offering its customers the conversion of an existing Leica to the latest technical level since about 1930. As a result, many early cameras have lost their historical importance and are often also of considerable value. The factory upgrades from the 1950s contain some very interesting details, which are often not found in early factory conversions. These include, engraving variants on the top plate of the camera and also technical solutions which are sometimes unusual.
For this reason, factory conversions are a popular specialty for some collectors, as they show how much Leitz was inspired by the customers' wishes and how unique the technical concept of Leica was.

The SCNOO rapid winder was manufactured in three different versions from 1936 on. This accessory is a very good example for the reflexion of the needs of professional photographers from Leitz and Leica.
The SCNOO rapid winder repleced the base plate of the camera and enables the photographer to have a quicker film transport and shutter operating, also. Both without affecting the image detail.
It can be used on all cameras with serial number above 159000 without modification. Earlier models need a modified main transport and also a bigger pin for attaching the SYOOM rapid winder.

Offered is a Leica III syn from the year 1939 with rapid winder SCNOO. The camera was probably converted in the 1950s at Leitz to the technical level of a Leica IIIf. The Leica III syn and the rapid winder are in fully functional condition are both technical and cosmetical condition is good up to very good.

Total production: approximately 49.091 Leica III camera bodies in silver chrome, number of factory conversions is unknown!

Rarity: R4

Rarity forecast: R4


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