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LEITZ Leicaflex SL black paint


Made from 1968 to 1974 Leicaflex SL was the second Leica SLR camera from Wetzlar and brought as the most important innovation over the previous model Leicaflex a selective exposure measurement through the lens. This made it possible to precisely measure the exposure with all available focal lengths, and attached filters were automatically taken into account in the exposure measurement.
The Leica R lenses of the first Leicaflex could be retrofitted with the necessary second cam for use on the Leicaflex SL, and many of the early lenses were modified accordingly.

There were no significant changes during the production period. For example, some cameras have a lens release button made of plastic and a black anodized lens bayonet. Both parts were partly exchanged on customer request.
From 1969, the Leicaflex SL was also available in black. The first models were painted black and later versions are black chrome.
A special design is the built in 1972 Leicaflex SL Mot. This model was factory fitted for use with attachable motor for film transport and elevator of the shutter. The SL Mot produced only about 1,080 pieces and is one of the rarest Leica SLRs.

Offered is a Leicaflex SL in the rare black painted version from 1969/70. The condition is good to very good both technically and cosmetically.
The great feature is that even the original packaging with matching numbers and the original plastic bag from the first delivery are included!

Total production: approx. 72075 units, mostly in silver chrome

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7

original boxed

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