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LEICA Summicron-R 2,0/50mm "Safari"


The Summicron-R2,0/50mm was introduced in combination with the Leica R3  and three other lenses as so called "Safari"-Edition in olive paint finish back in 1977.
The others lenses in "Safari" finish were the Elmarit-R 2,8/28mm, the Summilux-R 1,4/50mm (in two different versions) and the Elmar-R 4,0/180mm.
Regarding the fact that the limited production model was made during normal production runs of the Summicron-R 2,0/50mm makes it very difficult to give an exakt number of units produced as "Safari"-Edition. It could be assumed that less than 5.000 units were produced.
The first lenses were made in 1977 and then three batches follow in 1978.

The Summicron-R 2,0/50mm "Safari" offered is in very good condition.

Total production: not known exactly

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6

limited edition

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