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LEITZ Elmar-M39 3,5/3,5cm nickel plated


The Elmar 3.5/3.5cm lens was one of the first interchangeable lenses for the Leica screw mount cameras. Introduced in 1930 for the Leica I (Model C) in a non-standardized version, the standardized mount came in 1931, and the standardized and rangefinder coupled version of the Elmar 3.5cm in the following year.
Also in the year 1932, the lens received an infinity lock in the distance setting.

Initially made in nickel-plated version followed from 1934 also a silver chromed version of the Elmar 3,5/3,5cm lens.
During the long construction period some detail changes occurred at the Elmar 3.5cm. Thus there are variants in the shaping of the focusing knob, the position of the infinity lock and there is an exceptionally rare design with an extended close range.
A model version of the Elmar 3.5cm, which is often overlooked and apparently only made during the war time, is also rarely offered. With these lenses, the distance scale is expanded and divided into smaller steps. Elmars of this type can be found with or without military engravings.

The Elmar 3.5/3.5cm offered here is a nickel-plated close-focus version from the year 1933. It has a standardized mount and rangefinder coupling.
Regarding the age of the lens, it is in very good condition, fully working and comes including the original red makers box!

Total production: only approx. 4.700 units nickel plated!

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R7

original boxed!

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