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LEICA I "non standard"


Right from the beginning the Leitz/Leica company gave his customers the ability to convert/upgrade existing camera models during a period of rapid changing technical development in the worls of 35mm photography. There are many conversion of early Leica models which makes it challeging to find one of the early Leicas in unaltered condition.

This Leica I a 1929 model was produced as model Leica IA-Elmar with fixed lens. Approximate 1930/31 the camera has been equiped with screw mount to permit the use of interchangeable lenses. Due to the fact that this srew mount was not standardized the lenses has to be fittet to the so called "non-standard"-mount. Every lens which was modified in this way has engraved the last three digits of the matching camera body.
It is a bit curious that this Leica after converting it to a Leica I model C has not seen any further upgrades. Usually early Leica models has been modified with the later introduced viewfinder/rangefinder unit and flash synchonisation.

The camera in total impression could be considered as good condition. During the past years the frame counter has been replaced using a silver sation chromed replacement part instead of the original nickel plated one. The vulkanite body cover is aged and torn at the front beneath the shutter speed dial.

Total production of Leica I A-Elmar model:
approx. 56.348

Total production of Leica I C non standard:
approx. 2.995

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7


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