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LEITZ Elmar 3,5/35mm Nickel 'non standard'


The Elmar 35mm lens was the first available interchangeable lens for the Leica I and has been introduced in 1930. The early interchangeable lenses were matched to the Leica I models on which the lenses should be used and carry therefore the last three digits of the serial number of the matching camera.

These early lenses are hard to find in original condition because many of them has been upgraded/modified to standardized interchangeable mount and also to rangefinder coupling by Leitz/Leica.

The lens offered is in good condition regarding the age of the item and has been modified by Leitz/Leica to rangefinder coupling.  A bit odd is the fact there there are no indications of a standardized mount!

Total production: approx. 42.800 units, made from 1930 until 1950. The "non standard" version was build only in 1930 with an output of a few hundred pieces!

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7

First edition of the year of introduction 1930!

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