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LEICA Elmarit-C 2,8/40mm


This lens was produced in 400 units at most by Leitz. It was always assumed that this lens was designed as a economic entry level lens for the Leica CL but was dropped because of it relatively poor optical performance in comparison with other Leica lenses. The Elmarit-C 2,8/40mm was not sold to the public and never made it into any Leica brochure so that it is hard to tell how many copies of this lens has been sold. On the other hand, that is the reason this lens had become a collector's item.

Leica Elmarit-C 2,8/40mm in black chrome finish, manufactured 1973, comes with lens hood 12518. Leitz has produced only 400 lenses of this type. It is not safe that these batch has been completed. This lens was never listed in the official Leitz lists and it can be hardly told how many of these lenses were sold.

In the offered close to mint condition this lens is nearly impossible to find!

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R9

one of just 400 units!

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