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LEICA MD Postkamera


The Leica MD was introduced in 1963 as a basic model without viewfinder and rangefinder. The main use was in scientifical and technical photographic applications, e.g. for use with the Reprovit copy stand and the Visoflex system. In both cases there were no need for a viewfinder and a rangefinder build into the camera body.
The best known version of the Leica MD and their successors were the so called "Postkameras". These special models were fitted with a fixed lens and have been used for monitoring telephone counters.

The Postkameras have been made in several versions. There have been models for film format 24x36mm and for 24x27mm, some were equiped with a 28mm lens instead of the usaually fitted 35mm lens and some cameras can release the shutter only by using a cable release.

The Leica MD offered has film format 24x36mm, is fitted with a Summaron 2,8/35mm lens and has a fixed shutter speed of 1/50 sec. The shutter can be fired by cable release only! The aperture ring at the Summaron 35mm lens is not locked.
The camera is from 1963 and comes from the first regular listed batch of Postkameras with the serial number range 1067871-1068000!

total production: approx. 296 units including 64 models with film format 24x27mm

rarity: R7

rarity forecast: R7

from the first regular series of Postkameras!

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