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LEITZ "Mountain Elmar" 6,3/10,5cm with nickel elements


The so-called "Mountain-Elmar" or "lightweight" Elmar 6,3/10,5cm was sold from early 1932 up to 1937.
The optical design was intended for medium format cameras nad has been adapted for 35mm cameras. The relatively low aperture of 1: 6,3 was probably one of the reasons why the "Mountain-Elmar" 10,5cm was not build and sold in larger quantity, despite the fact that the aperture value was not regarded as disadvantage.

During the production of the lens there has been three different versions. The "Mountain-Elmar" 6,3/10,5cm was first deliverd in non-rangefinder coupled and rangefinder coupled version. Both types were finished in black paint with nickel plated elements.
From 1933 on the rangefinder coupled type was available with chrome plated elements.

The "Mountain-Elmar" 6,3/10,5cm offered here presumably was made in 1931 when the first units of this lens has been produced. It is the rangefinder coupled type with nickel plated elements and comes without lens hood and front cap.

It should be noted that the bismuth inlays on the depth-of-field scale are perfectly preserved! Usually these inlays are heavy faded during the decades and have become hard to read.

Total production: only 3.975 units

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R7

in unchanged original condition!

795,00 €

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