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LEICA M4 black chrome Canada (1. series)


The Leica M4 was produced from 1967 to 1975. The camera has had a new design which differs from the previous models and introduced the modern style with angled rewind crank and straight top plate form which was continued till the Leica M7. The viewfinder system of the M4 was based on the Leica M2 but has an additional viewfinder frame for the 135mm lens.
The camera body was silver chrome when the M4 has been intorduced and during production black painted models and later on black chrome versions were available. Further on there have been models which were specially equiped to take a motor drive unit.
Retrospectively, it could be said that the Leica M4 has been the groundbreaker for the modern Leica M models.

Offered is a Leica M4 in black chrome finish (built in 1974) with Leicameter MR-4 in black chrome. The camera comes from the first regular production series in black chrome finish!
The camera is technically in very good condition and cosmetically good to very good with stronger signs of wear on the bottom plate.

The absolute peculiarity of this camera is that it comes from Canadian production, however, equipped with Leitz Wetzlar engraved top cap.
There was obviously just a single batch of black chromed camera bodies (only 1,650 units) assembled from prefabricated components at the Canadian plant!

Total production: approximately 4.070 units in black chrome!

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7

Leitz Canada assembled!

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