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LEICAFLEX II black paint


The Leicaflex production started in 1964 and was the first mirror reflex construction produced by Leitz. The exposure measurement has not been done through the lens ("TTL"), but through its own window in the prism housing - the most striking feature of a Leicaflex.

There are two model series of this camera: The first and rarer version can be recognized by the "pizza" -shaped counter window, the second version has a round window with magnifying glass for enlarged display of the counter.

Of the total of approximately 37,500 manufactured Leicaflex, most of them were silver matt chromed. Only a few copies were painted black - mostly on the request of professional photographers for a less discerning camera. Against the background that there is much less black lacquered Leicaflex than black lacquered Leica M3, we consider the prices for the black paint Leicaflex to be very underestimated.

The Leicaflex of 1967 offered here is the second version in very beautiful condition with only a few usage traces. The top-plate has a small dent.
The Leica Summicron-Flex 1: 2.0 / 50mm No .: 2205012 with only one control curve (first the SL required two control curves) incl. Backlight, UVa filter and corresponding filter adapter are included in the scope of supply.

Production: unknown

Rarity level: R8

Rarity forecast: R8

rare BP version

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