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LEICA R Lenses

Silver chromed Leicaflex-Summicron 2,0/50mm


The Summicron-Flex 1: 2.0 / 50mm was one of the lenses introduced for the launch of the first Leicaflex in 1964. Lenses for the Leicaflex have only one control curve. The second control curve was added with the introduction of Leicaflex SL. The R-Steering cam was added with the introduction of the Leica R3. All lenses could be retrofitted with the later control curves.

The first 250 pieces were delivered in matte silver chromium plating, afterwards this lens was without exception in black chromium plating. There are also 200 silver chrome-plated 35mm Summicron-lenses.

This lens has only the original first control curve and is in an excellent original condition - like new! Included as an accessory: A Leicaflex I - early version with "pizza" counter and only very small use traces. Unfortunately, the camera does not work anymore.

Production: 250 pieces

Rarity level: R8

Rarity forecast: R8

Like new !

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