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LEITZ Elmar-M39 4,0/9cm all chrome


Probably the rarest, regular version of the Elmar 4.0/9cm appeared in 1946/47 and is the completely chrome-plated version of this lens.
There seems to have been only one production lot and these lenses are rarely offered. Characteristics of a "real" all-chrome Elmar-M39 4/9cm are old bezel scale and engraving in chrome.
Otherwise, this version of the Elmar 9cm is a classic Triplett with four lenses and the imaging performance does not deviate from the regular versions.

Although both James Lager and Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck give the indication of this lens but do not give any information on the manufactured quantity.
Therefore, we can only roughly estimate from our side and we consider a maximum production volume of 2,000 copies to be realistic.

The Elmar-M39 4,0/9cm comes from the year of 1947 and is in good to very good condition.
The lens has age related cleaning marks on the elements, dust inclusions and a "defect spot" within the optical system. The focus is, according to the age, proper working and backlash free.
The typical, slightly glossier chrome finish is preserved in its original state.

Total production: approx. 2.000 units maximum

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7

exceptionally rare version!

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