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LEICA Screw-Summarit 1,5/5cm


The Summarit 1.5/5cm was available from Leitz/Leica from 1949 onwards. As a further development of the Xenon 5cm lens, it brought increased imaging performance and was primarily used for availabe-light photography and reportage use, with both photographic fields the improved imaging performance was very welcome.

During the production period from 1949 to 1960, the lens was subject to several minor modifications which, however, all concerned only the barrel of the lens. The optical design remained unchanged. Parallel to the version with screw mount the Summarit was also built with M bayonet.
Even from today's point of view the imaging performance of a Summarit 1.5/5cm, in at least good condition, is remarkable and the finely nuanced color reproduction of this lens has a very special appeal.

The offered Summarit 1,5/5cm comes from the year 1956. It is one of the versions with filter thread for screw-in filters E41.
The technical and cosmetic condition are good to very good. Exceptions to this are the glasses, which have mark-like cleaning marks. A light fogging is also visible within the optical system. The overall condiiton of the lens is, however, so good that the optical limitation is not sufficient for a significantly lower classification.

Total production: approx. 39.181 units with screw mount

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5


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