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LEICA M Cameras

LEICA M2 "motor coupled" 1. Version


The Leica M2 supplemented the Leica M system from 1957 and was especially appreciated by professional photographers because of their viewfinder. For the first time, the Leica M camera offered an image field limitation for 35mm lenses. Furthermore, the camera was designed for use with the Leicavit MP mechanical rapid winder.

The first cameras modified for use with the Leitz New York motor drive appear in the sales lists of Leitz New York from 1965.
In the following year, Leitz Wetzlar produced 276 cameras with the model designation Leica M2 M, which were equipped for use with the Leitz New York motor.

This Leica M2 "motor coupled" comes from the year 1965. It is one of the very early conversions, because with this camera only the mechanical clutch was installed but not the later additional electronic clutch. A rarity!

The cosmetic and technical condition is very good up to mint.

Total production: only 276 Leica M2 M camera bodies plus an unkwown number of modifications

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7

Very early version!

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