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LEICA M2-M with Leitz New York motor


The Leica M2-M, produced in a small series of only 276 pieces in 1966, was a model variant for use in combination with the Leitz New York motor drive.
The camera corresponds largely to the M2 camera bodies modified from 1965 for motor drive operation and was originally offered at the request of press photographers.
How many Leica M2 camera bodies with motor coupling have actually been produced can not be exactly comprehended, since there are no exact records of the number of M2 units modified in the factory. But it is to be expected that, including the 276 camera bodies of the Leica M2-M, there is only a small number of 500 to 600 M2 for operation with the Leitz New York motor.

The Leica M2-M offered has the usual silver chrome finish from the year 1966. The camera is delivered including a matching Leitz New York motor drive and the combination is in functional and cosmetically very good condition.
The Leica M2-M is one of the rarest regular Leica models and a piece of Leica history with an extraordinarily high collection value!

Total production: only 276 pieces!

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R9

net export price: Euro 10.798

One of only 276 units!

7.750,00 €

inkl. 16% Mwst.

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